How to insert the STEAM approach in university academic portfolios? A disruptive bet for relationship model

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Given the growing dynamics of the environment, the academy is called upon to constantly shape university academic programs so that they incorporate new trends in pedagogical innovation and, in turn, respond to the needs of the productive sector. The real challenge for the educational system lies in determining the key aspects to be considered in the new curricular orientation. In this session, we will broaden the dialogue around this challenge, and, at the same time, we will show the results of a simple research exercise in which we put into dialogue diverse voices: government, academia and society, which contribute to the task of updating and improving university academic portfolios. We will also include some details of a relationship model of the Universidad del Rosario, in Colombia: URSTEAM, which has proved to be interesting and significant in line with this need to “rethink ourselves” from the university.
Período12 mar. 202315 mar. 2023
Título del eventoEdunine 2023 - VII IEEE World Engineering Education Conference
Tipo de eventoConferencia
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