Higher Education Internationalization: A Peruvian University Experience

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Internationalization in higher education brings several benefits, including improving desirable skills and competencies in future professionals and developing their cultural sensibility and awareness of unknowing behaviors and environments. This strategic process makes it possible and strengthens the production of knowledge. Besides, it is transversal to research, teaching, and extension in a global mindset context. This work presents the internationalization experiences in the Engineering Department of a Private University in Peru. Additionally, we contribute with the 5W+H application analysis method for the planning and scope of the internationalization process. The purpose is to share experiences and disseminate best practices, as well as the lines to follow in the future.
Período12 mar. 202315 mar. 2023
Título del eventoEdunine 2023 - VII IEEE World Engineering Education Conference
Tipo de eventoConferencia
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