A Perspectives Approach – Integrating the Entrepreneurial Mindset into the Engineering Classroom

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The Entrepreneurship for All movement has many universities offering campus-wide initiatives in the form of new centers, degrees, minors, courses, accelerator programs, and student organizations. Many engineering faculty are becoming involved in teaching entrepreneurial thinking due to the connection between engineering design and opportunity recognition, often associated with entrepreneurship. Moreover, the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) has made significant investments in helping engineering educators develop and assess entrepreneurially-minded curricula. However, dissemination and sharing practices have yet to be fully optimized across engineering faculty and their institutions. In this talk, Dr Lisa Bosman (Purdue University Assistant Professor and founder of iAGREE labs - Inclusive, Applied, and Grounded Research in Entrepreneurially-Minded Education) provides an overview of why and how university faculty can contribute to and drive innovation and entrepreneurial efforts by integrating the entrepreneurial mindset into current engineering coursework. In doing so, she explains the value of using a perspectives approach.
Período12 mar. 202315 mar. 2023
Título del eventoEdunine 2023 - VII IEEE World Engineering Education Conference
Tipo de eventoConferencia
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