Fresh product supply chain analysis in Cauca, Colombia — A hass avocado system dynamics approach

Yesid Ediver Anacona Mopan, Oscar Rubiano-Ovalle, Helmer Paz, Andrés Felipe Solis Pino, Mario Chong, Ana Luna

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review


In recent years, agriculture has become an essential activity in Colombia, despite the challenges faced by farmers due to low yields and insufficient resources to improve their main activities, such as irrigation systems, agricultural practices, and industrial machinery. This Hass avocado approach has been addressed in previous research considering system dynamics simulation to evaluate farmers’ behavior strategies and improve their competitiveness. However, these studies typically examine a single strategy effect and avoid multiple integrated strategies. Other studies focused on the complex interactions between different factors in the production chain and their feedback effects on farmers’ productivity and cash flow. For these reasons, this research provides a comprehensively dynamic model and evaluates long-term strategies and their effects on supporting and improving small farmers’ productivity and profitability. A system dynamics methodology was used to model complex systems processing Hass avocado farmer association data and explore their effects on competitiveness for long-term sustainable and profitable agriculture. This research proposes optimal scenarios for small farmers, including strategies such as low-interest credit access, logistics practices, and government technical support. The scenarios provide a proactive tool for decision makers and promote rural farmers’ development, aligning high-quality fresh product supply and demand.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBusiness model–the perspective of systems thinking and innovation
EditorsAnders Hansen Henten, Iwona Windekilde
Place of PublicationBasel
PublisherMDPI AG
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-0365-7781-4
ISBN (Print)978-3-0365-7780-7
StatePublished - 2023

Bibliographical note

Reimpresión de artículo: “Fresh Product Supply Chain Analysis in Cauca, Colombia — A Hass Avocado System Dynamics Approach", publicado originalmente como artículo en la revista Systems. Vol.11, N° 1. 2023.


  • Agriculture value chain
  • Farmers behavior
  • Fresh products production
  • System dynamics


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