La Lógica Fuzzy para Analizar la Relación entre Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación y Resultados Económicos en Nuevas Empresas

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Information about customers, products and suppliers has become the most important resource of firms. In this sense, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) contribute differently in the operation of firms, from access to information, improve the business model, adequate knowledge management, to the reduction of risks and costs, taking thus an effect on economic performance. The present study, conducted in New Technology-Based Firms (NTBFs), used a Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System of five inputs, 100 rules and five outputs, to assess the impact that ICT has on economic performance, applying the reasoning itself of fuzzy logic. For the construction of Fuzzy Inference System, there was a database of the founder-promoter partners of the NTBFs. Information on ICT (use of internet technologies, collaboration, management, support for decision-making and, search and data management) and economic performance (sales, net profit, profitability, productivity and improvement of production costs) were extracted from the database, to use them in the development of the model, which starts from defining the relationships between the input and output variables. The analyses performed indicated a slight change on economic performance through the interaction between ICT measures. These findings will help firms make more accurate decisions when implementing ICT infrastructure.
Período12 abr. 202114 abr. 2021
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