An interdisciplinary PBL capstone course for Management Sciences: The challenges of its design and implementation

Vanessa Heller Ledgard, Miguel Nuñez del Prado Cortéz, Juan Alfredo Weston Zanelli, Daniel De la Torre Ugarte , Fiorella Parra Mujica

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstractpeer-review


Project-based learning has shown to be an effective method for developing courses. This methodology, wich is studdent-centered, allows students to learn and apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems that at the same time motivate them in the learning process. In this kind of learning, the students are principal actors of the learning process and the lecturer is a guide of the process. This kind learning process is particularly attractive for the senior student that already have a baggage of knowledge to apply. Nevertheless, when a senior student begins to work, they would have to team with other kinds of professional distinct from his career to tackle problems.
Thus, the necessity to have a capstone multi-disciplinary PBL course


ConferenceCITYLAB PBL for Sustainable Cities Conference
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