The seminar is based on the critical analysis of evidence and most influential scholarly
contributions. We will read and reflect— orally and in writing —on the assigned readings. Students will submit their written reflections (brief essays) answering questions that are posed by the instructor or by students themselves. Reflections are read, commented, and graded. Students will use their reflections as material for the analytical frameworks of their final papers. In class, we will use a variety of formats including debates, role playing, group discussions with reporting back to the larger group, and individual students presentations. The seminar meets twice a week and requirements include one mid-term, a final student project, and class participation (with graded reflections).

Please, come see me during my office hours, or make an appointment if you cant meet with me during my office hours. As part of the final student project requirement, students will meet with me twice. The first meeting is scheduled to present and discuss the relevance of their seminar student project. The second meeting is before the student paper presentation — to share with me content of the oral presentation and their PPT.

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