Pregrado - Economic Growth and Development in Latin America



This course blends lectures with various student engagement formats such as debates, panel discussions, role playing, short presentations, attendance to university lectures, and presentation and discussion of documentaries. Students are required to read the assigned material for each session and will have the floor for comments on assigned readings and/or events that are unfolding in the region. I recommend that you consult regularly with Bloomberg news, The Economist, Business Week, New York Times (especially the business section), Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Economonitor (Roubini blog), The Guardian, and If a student is called twice for class participation but is absent and did not justify the absence ahead of time, her/his grade for class participation will be affected. I allow use of laptops in class only for note-taking. Cell phones and other equipment will be shut off. Each student is responsible for upholding this policy.

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