WORKSHOP: 2020 Our resilience - Our Home Class experience

Actividad: Participación en un eventoParticipación en un evento como expositor, comentarista, panelista


The first case of Covid-19 appeared on December 8th, 2019. In March 2020, the world had a different level of isolation affecting human normality. Digitalization provides a valuable solution for continuing their education process and developing a new formative process. This workshop will discuss the motivations, methodologies, experiences, and challenges to understand the professor's environment and strategies that include professional development and a quality educational model. The participants will analyze the changes adopted during this period and how those will be integrated into a future context. Finally, the audience will propose and generate the integration of several methodologies in a digital environment in a post-pandemic future.
Período14 mar. 2021
Título del eventoIEEE World Engineering Education Conference
Tipo de eventoConferencia
Número de la conferencia5th
UbicaciónCiudad de Guatemala, GuatemalaMostrar en mapa
Grado de reconocimientoInternacional