Remote Work in the Innovation Process of Chinese Companies

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Research Purpose
Digital transformation has driven companies to be able to face various situations, one of them is the pandemic. In this article we analyze the impact of Telework, as a tool for companies derived from digital transformation today, in the innovation process and the mediating effect of Network Collaboration in the Remote Work- Innovation relationship of Chinese companies.
Research Design / Research Methods
The study has a quantitative approach, analyzing data from the Business Survey for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China. The Proposed model and its relationships testing using Partialized Least Squares-Structural Equations (PLS- SEM) modeling.Practical Inspiration
The study's contributions are: i) A quantitative analysis of the relationship between Remote Work-Innovation and the mediating effect of Network Collaboration; As well as the moderation of the variables Political Stability and Innovation Zones, ii) We analyze how companies have put Remote Work into practice and how it has impacted the Innovation process; We also see how the Network Collaboration acts as a mediator of this relationship, iii) The proposed test model is in an emerging economy like China, which enriched our study as it is a country where the Digital Transformation is very Deep.
Período12 jun. 202113 jun. 2021
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