Lorena Cecilia Ramírez Otero

Lorena Cecilia Ramírez Otero

  • Peru


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Professor of the Department of Law. She has a Doctorate in Law from Universidad de La Coruña (Spain), a Licence and a Bachelor's degree in Law from Universidad de Piura (Peru). Grantee from the foundation Mapfre Estudios. She has served as a member and president of the INDECOPI ORI-Piura Commission with powers in consumer matters, elimination of market access barriers, unfair advertising and bankruptcy proceedings. She has been a member of the Institute of Cooperative Law Studies of Universidad Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Director of the UDEP (Universidad de Piura) Law Magazine.Convened by SEAIDA, the Universidad de Valencia and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia as well as the Clifford Chance International Insurance Study, to the group of experts to make Official Comments on the Private Insurance Supervision Bill of the Spanish Congress of Deputies for the incorporation of the Solvency II Directive. She has directed the legal areas of the related companies of the Pichincha Group in Peru: Crecer Seguros S.A. Insurance Company, Diners Club, Diners Travel (Peru) and the CARSA retail companies. She is the author of publications such as Grupos de Entidades Aseguradoras, La Ley,  Madrid, 2011, and director of collective works such as Studies on the Insurance Contract Law, Instituto Pacifico, 2018, and Current Issues in Company Law, Palestra, 2006.


Doctora en Derecho dentro del Programa de Cuestiones Esenciales del Derecho, Doctora en Derecho dentro del Programa de Cuestiones Esenciales del Derecho

9 Feb 2005

Bachiller en Derecho, Bachiller en Derecho, Universidad de Piura

5 May 1997

Abogada, Abogada, Universidad de Piura

5 May 1997