The course aims to develop in students the ability to integrate and apply knowledge acquired during their training in college and their creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and communication skills. At the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and international vision of his career, showing humanistic and ethical values in the decision-making process.

Students will develop in groups - three or four members per team (*) - an international business plan and manage the process for its preparation in order to meet programming course. The business plan will allow them to assess the economic viability of the project, the operational feasibility of a model of "innovative" business, as well as social responsibility and environmental sustainability of the plan.

The course consists of five hours a week, spread over two sessions of two and three hours each. All sessions are essentially practical character, which is mandatory for students to learn and review the theoretical concepts with anticipation. To verify the domain of theoretical concepts, four evaluations shall apply.
The course requires 100% attendance and ongoing participation of students through questions, opinions, suggestions and contacts, in a climate of dialogue and constructive discussion. This requires an open and flexible by teachers and students attitude and respect and appreciation of diversity of opinions, attitudes and styles culturally different, but all of them within the values and standards established by the university.

(*) No individual work or groups of two (2) members or more than four (4) members will be allow. In that case, the students must withdraw from the course

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