Digital Innovation And Business Performance During The Pandemic Crisis

  • Jorge Antonio Heredia Pérez (Speaker)

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This study investigates the inhuence of digital innovation on business in pandemic situations. Based on the "tripod
Comparative Analysis (FsQCA), we analyze 1936 Chinesefirms drawn from the Enterprise Survey for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China (ESIEC). The results show that,in pandemic situations, companies that adapt through or- ganizational innovation and labor hexibility tend to achieve better business performance. There is industry sectoral dif-ference, with the service sector exhibiting that companies that have adopted the innovation strategies tend to sur- vive the pandemic better. We also find that those firms that cannot access public funding, tend to rely on their re- silience to take immediate actions to fight against Covid-19. technology companies tend to achieve better business per-formance by adopting digital communication technology in their operations. Our study contributes to the literature in a global pandemic crisis and how digital innovation may impact firm performance in extreme externalities such as Covid-19. By using a novel approach Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (FsQCA), we are able
to generate aset of propositions for further study and tests
Period12 Jun 202113 Jun 2021
Held atUniversity of San Francisco, United States, California
Degree of RecognitionInternational